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Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino: the Exhibition

In these days, until July 20th 2014, we will have the chance to visit this amazing exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi!
Among many things things I’ve done, I studied painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence.

During my studies, I was always fascinated by the 16th Century’s Mannerists, starting from Michelangelo and going on with his successors.

One of my favorite painters was (and is) Andrea Del Sarto: Pontormo’s and Rosso Fiorentino’s teacher.


Pontormo e Rosso Fiorentino: the Exhibition

The exhibition itinerary gives information about the beginning of the two artists, since when they were at Andrea del Sarto’s “bottega” (atelier). Then the two roads divide and they characterize themselves in two different ways.

I suggest you to hire the audio guide, in order to have a better idea of the works and of the historical period the artists lived.


After –or before- the exhibition I suggest you to visit the Santa Felicita Church  -piazza di Santa Felicita  no. 3 – where, in the Capponi Chapel, you will find the stunning Pontormo’s “Deposizione”

Have fun! 😉


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