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Pitti Taste Exhibition: the new concept of fashion

Two days ago I went to Pitti Taste, the Pitti fashion show for food. It was at Stazione Leopolda, a beautiful and ancient setting.

In the past Stazione Leopolda was a train station built on 1848: the first Tuscan public train station.

pitti taste

Then after many transformation and different uses, became an events place (around year 2000). Stazione Leopolda is located pretty close to the main train station, Santa Maria Novella in the direction of Livorno.
As I said, the location is gorgeous!

Pitti Taste: the new concept of fashion

At the entrance, very efficient stewards/hostess staff were helping selling tickets, keeping the jackets at the (free) wardrobe, etc… The ticket cost was a little bit high: eu. 15,00/day for general public and eu.10,00/week for professionals and traders (that’s sooooo unfear!!! 😉 ).
I went there after lunch so it was not too much crowded…but my friends who were there for lunch said it was crazy and they couldn’t try enough food…

Well I couldn’t try enough food either! It seemed the standers were tired..only few of them were available to give explanation on products and there was not a great food variety.
Many stands had bier, oil products and ham. Just few were exposing wine, truffle and smoked salmon.

pitti taste
There was a pretty big conclusion with cookies/cakes/chocolate and that was a lot.
The nice thing was at the end you could buy few of the products you already tried. It was a good chance to keep in touch with the producers.
I have to say that all the products I tried were really genuine! I loved especially the salmon, a handmade red bier, truffles and a delicate Prosecco unfortunately I couldn’t buy… because they already finished the bottles!


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