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How to get to Florence

I’ve put together some useful information for those arriving for the first time in Florence!


From Airport Amerigo Vespucci Florence Airport


By shuttle bus

There is a direct public transport line which operates between the City center and the Airport. The cost is eu. 6 each way.  Since this price may rise at any time, to make sure you have the updated price and schedule, please visit the website:

By cab

There is a taxi stand right in front of the airport’s main doors. In case there aren’t any taxes, you can call one by dialing either +39 055 4390 or +39 055 4242. The cost is around eu. 20,00/30,00, depending on luggage supplement, night rate, etc…

By private transfer

You can ask me ( :) ) or your hotel/ travel agent to arrange a private transfer for you. In this case a very nice English speaking private driver, with a Mercedes car/ minivan, will pick you up and get you to your destination. For any further information please get in touch with me or ask your hotel/ travel agency!
The journey from/ to the Airport/ City center will take some 15/ 20 minutes, depending on the traffic. In case there is a lot of traffic it could take 30 minutes or more.

From Galileo Galilei Pisa Airport

Aeroporto Pisa Ippo_edit

Sometimes you might find it easier (and cheaper….) to land in Pisa. Here follows some useful information about how to get to Florence!

By train
We have a very nice, clean and comfortable company called Trenitalia…unfortunately that’s only in my dreams… To use public transport could be a very interesting experience and maybe let you understand why we have so many cars in our Country. By the way, it’s a pretty expensive solution: eu. 9.20 each way, and you will have to change the train once you are in Pisa Central station.

By coach

Luckily there is the Terravision shuttle service! It’s cheaper (only eu. 4.99 each way), cleaner and you can get the tickets online or directly at their desk inside the airport.

By private transfer

Yes, that’s true. The very handsome guy, who will take you from Florence, can come also to Pisa! Isn’t he adorable? 😉 please, contact your hotel/travel agent or myself for further details.

The trip from Pisa should last almost one hour, an hour and half…depending on the traffic, as always!

From Livorno (?)

Terrazza Cope

You may ask: “why Livorno?” ..for a couple, maybe three main reasons: first of all, I was born and raised in Livorno…that’s why you should visit it – even if the town itself not exactly what people say “beautiful”…still it’s the principal seaport of Tuscany…- .

Second: because it’s the place where I’ve eaten the best dishes, ever. I should open a new blog explaining the reasons why Livorno is worthwhile visiting; not for the fauna, which is mostly rude and lazy, but really for the tasteful food…and furthermore for the stunning and savage coast.

Third: for the cruises! Nobody knows, but the harbor works…that’s incredible! Hundreds of tourists come to Livorno every month, take a train to Florence and don’t even visit the cost or eat an amazing cinque e cinque from Gagarin.

cinque e cinque

Click on the picture to visit Gagarin’s page on Tripadvisor

If you happen to be one of these tourists, you should know how to get to Florence: take the bus no.1 from the main road called: “Via Grande”, going in the opposite direction of the sea. If you want to save money you could purchase your bus ticket at any Tobacchi Shop or Newspaper Stand for eu. 1,20 or, if you don’t mind to spend few cents more, you can buy the tickets for eu. 1,70 directly on the bus. Once arrived to the train station, you can take the first SPEED train to Florence – please note: there are also slow trains… do yourself a favor and choose to travel faster! – . There is a train almost every hour. Unfortunately it’s the same Company that operates between Florence and Pisa, so like I mentioned before, expect the worse and maybe you won’t be too disappointed. At the moment the ticket costs eu. 9.20 each way.

The other option is to arrange a private transfer (the nice guy will always be happily waiting for you!) together with a group of people… but that could be more expensive.


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