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Pizza and Ice cream (!)

Here we are, in one of my favorite section…Pizza and ice cream are my FAVORITE food, ever. And of course, I use to eat them together…or better: the ice cream is my favorite aperitif before the pizza! 😉


There are many types of pizza. In the south of Italy, the Pizza napoletana is thicker than the pizza we prepare in the center-north. Personally I love the thin pizza…but many people like the original pizza napoletana.

Here will follows a list of the pizzerie which I like most.



The typical Pizzeria Napoletana. And in the truth that’s also very good! At this pizzeria you can find also first and second plates and cakes of the Neapolitan tradition.

Gusta Pizza


The pizza is thick and very good. They come from another part of Italy which is southern than Naples. The setting is very informal and you may eat at the same Barrique (they don’t have tables but big barrels) together with other people. It is very easy and fun.

Il Borgo Antico

borgo antico

Located in a very lively area, it is 120% touristic place…but you will find also many Italians among the tourists…it is because the food is very good and the thin Pizza is one of the best! It is also a Restaurant, but I use to go there just for the pizza…



Their speciality is the Mozzarella from Naples. If you like the thin Pizza, that’s your paradise! Moreover the Pizza, they cook very good first and second plates. The ingredients are all of good quality, and their taste is unforgettable. I definitely suggest it!


Well…one thing I can suggest you as a must: don’t let you deceive by the mountains of ice creams you see in the windows of few bars in town…of course they are attractive (especially in the hot summer)! but usually they are not always genuine…

Gelateria della Passera


Located in the “Pussy square”…I won’t explain you the reason of this name, you can easily imagine…But I have to tell you they make one of the more tasteful ice-cream in town!(a suggestion: don’t miss the Mojito flavor!)

Gelateria Edoardo


Just behind the Duomo there is this small shop…it opened just few months ago…The ice-cream is bio, and it is very good. The particular thing they do is the ice-cream cones are handmade! …I suggest you to try it.



It is a chain of ice-cream shops. It is famous, home made and, of course…the ice-cream is super!

Riva Reno


Another chain of ice-cream shop. The Ice cream is also veeeery favorite flavor is Mango…

La Cantina del gelato


It is another good Gelateria, close to the Ponte Vecchio bridge…it’s nice to take your ice cream and then walk along the river!

Gelateria Carabé


Last, but not least….it is a very good ice-cream shop close to the Accademia museum (you can make one trip and enjoy two services, as we use to say) and they are pretty famous for the specialities of their home: Sicily. In addition to the gelato you can eat very good cannoli siciliani, granite and cassata. Definitely to try!

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