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Fast (?) Yes…fast food and bars

I am not exactly what people say a fast food lover. Unfortunately sometimes I am forced to eat a piece of pizza to go or maybe a sandwich. I can imagine that tourists, especially for lunch, especially when they are just for 3 days in town or maybe those who are not used to eat as we do (2 or 3 courses anytime we are sitting to a table), may desire something lighter to eat than a piatto di pasta every day/night, so here are a couple of suggestions.

All’antico vinaio

all-antico-vinaio Basically it is a sandwich shop. But the sandwiches are veeeeeery tasteful!!! You can experience them sitting on the sidewalk or just eat standing outside the shop with a glass of wine. Very fast and very food!

Pizzeria Totò

pizzeria-toto Now you know. I am a pizza’s out of my control! But here you can have a pretty good take away pizza. If you are lucky you can also get a short seat at the counter. 

Da Nerbone

da-nerbone It is really a special place….it is located inside the food market, close to the San Lorenzo Church. It is located at one of the corners. The place is totally casual, it could be a funny experience. . At Da Nerbone you will find the REAL Florentine food taste. Try it for a fast food in a real restaurant!!!!

Cantinetta dei Verrazzano


They are wine producers and absolutely I suggest you to go there for lunch, get a degustation of the different tastes of what we use to call “schiacciata” (it’s a sort of pizza without tomato on the top. It can be dressed with olives, onion, rosemary. It can be thick, thin or crunchy), and maybe a salad or ham and cheese degustation together with good red wine to drink.

Da Ino


This is another sandwich shop, located very close to the Ponte Vecchio. You can get a sandwich and eat inside or go for a walk along our beautiful river. The sandwiches are veeery good!!!

Cinque e Cinque


It’s another very nice place in piazza della passera, oltrarno. I have to say the food of the Mediterranean tradition is really good! It is a little bit expensive and the portions are too small. If you’re not very hungry it worth to be tried.




This is one of the bar I like most. It’s totally  not touristic, if you find tourists it is because they saw it for a mistake…The quality is very good. The price is normal, even if it is in the center of the town. It is appropriate for lunch, for a brunch or for a cake in the afternoon. They have a great selection of different coffees…I suggest you to try the section “special” coffees.

I already talked about the

Golden View

Golden view

I have been there mainly for aperitifs or after dinner. Sometimes also for dinner, but just in special occasions. I have to say that the relationship “quality – price” regarding the aperitif is very competitive. I will try to explain it better: the aperitif has a normal price, the quality is good, if you are lucky –or smart, making a reservation- have the view…why not?

Caffè degli Artigiani


If you are oltrarno and you are searching for something very easy to get a sandwich, or drink a coffee, you should visit it. It’s close to the Gelateria della Passera, so maybe after the coffee you can get an ice cream…or why not? Drink directly an “affogato” (espresso + ice cream)! If you are lucky (and they still have a piece) you can try the best cheese cake of the town…

  Something special has to be said about the historical café of Florence. Of course they are expensive and touristic, but you can enjoy a coffee or an aperitif but why not a salad or a piece of cake in a striking places.



Basically it is a patisserie and chocolate shop…cakes are their best. But you can of course enjoy a cocktail, a cappuccino or anything you like in front of -our boyfriend- David!



Since 1733…wow this bar has seen many things… it’s another patisserie. Top quality of food.

Le Giubbe Rosse


It’s a literary café. On the walls inside the place you will see pictures and newspapers talking about the glories of that place. It is good even if you want to have a light lunch.



It is a bar and a restaurant. Another historical café of the town since 1846!

Caffè “La Terrazza” alla Rinascente


Not many people know that at the top of the department store “La Rinascente” there is a café. If you are lucky you can have an easy lunch or coffee at the top of a building located in piazza della Repubblica, with an unusual view of the square and of the town.

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