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I will never stop saying: there are too many restaurants in town!

In Italy we have several places where we can eat: Restaurants, Osterie, Trattorie, bars and not to forget: Paninoteche (Sandwich bars) and Pizzerie. Many of them are tourists traps… so I will try to suggest those which compared to the others, from my experience are more genuine.

Especially those which, even if they are touristic, still maintain the flavor of the typical “Cucina Toscana”. Of course if you will go outside the center (moving by taxi / walking), the situation will change and you can find (not always) less expensive restaurants, but very very good quality.

 Please note the restaurants are not in order of preference!

 Vini e vecchi sapori


They don’t even have a website (!). It is a very easy restaurant, a typical Italian “Osteria”. Excellent, homemade food and good wines (I suggest you the Vino della Casa – red, Tuscan wine, of course!)



It is a wine bar. It is one of my favorite restaurant. The service is good and the food is very tasteful as well as the wines are of good quality.

Buca Mario


One of the best Florentine steaks in town in a typical Italian Trattoria

l’ Parione


Another of my favorite restaurants. It offers a wide wine selection, good selection among steaks, well cooked fish and homemade pasta. Marco, the owner is very funny!

Beppa la Fioraia


It is a very nice restaurant. The location is a little bit have to walk or go there by taxi even if it is not far from the center of the town. The food is genuine and the place is still not popular among the tourists.

Alle Murate


A Museum and an elegant restaurant. On its walls there are the only existing Dante’s and Boccaccio’s ancient portraits. It’s a very good restaurant, for a special occasion.

Il santo Graal


Lost in between innovation and tradition you should not miss this experience, once you are in Florence. Very good food and wines in a well restored restaurant. The chef comes from Livorno, my town. I assure you he is a very good chef!

Cantinetta Antinori


The Marchesi Antinori is a very old and noble family in Tuscany. They are wine producers and restaurateurs. You will find excellent quality in a traditional restaurant.

Il Barretto


It is an historical restaurant and their speciality is the fish, cooked in the Tuscan way. Very good food and good selection of wine



Another fish restaurant. Of course they have also meat. But the fish is very good and well cooked. The nice thing is they have degustation portions. That’s a very clever idea!

Enoteca Pinchiorri


It’s a 3 stars Michelin’s Restaurant. It’s very expensive but the food and the wines justify the costs. I don’t think I can say anything else!


Trattoria da Omero


It is in the same hill where Piazzale Michelangelo is, in Località Pian de’ Giullari. I have been there a couple of times and I always enjoyed the food as tasteful and genuine. Don’t miss the “Ribollita” and the chocolate cake. The restaurant is reachable by taxi or private driver.

Ristorante La Loggia at Villa San Michele in Fiesole


The place talks itself. It is a Luxury restaurant in a stunning location. The food is also very good and excellent service. You can get there by taxi or private driver.

The Golden View

Golden view

It is another 120% touristic place. But I have to tell you the quality of the food is very good and if you are lucky you can get a table with view on the river.

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