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Exhibition: Picasso and Spanish modernity at Palazzo Strozzi

I was really excited to visit this exhibition which I have been waiting for months.

As soon as I could, I went for visiting on last Sunday and it was really interesting.


Palazzo Strozzi – Entrance to Exhibition

Picasso and Spanish Modernity

“The exhibition presented a broad selection of works by this great master of modern art in an effort to stimulate a reflection on his influence and interaction with such leading Spanish artists as Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Juan Gris, Maria Blanchard and Julio González: art reflecting on art and on the relationship between the real and the surreal, the artist’s heartfelt involvement in the tragedy of unfolding history, the emergence of the monster with a human face, and the metaphor of erotic desire as a primary source of inspiration for the artist’s creativity and world vision.

Picasso and Spanish Modernity will be showing some ninety works by Picasso and other artists, ranging from painting to sculpture, drawing, engraving and even film, thanks to the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s synergistic cooperation with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid”. *

Picasso Exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi

I have to say it is a very original exhibition, thanks to the possibility to see few masterpieces coming directly from Spain.

Of course it needs to be visited with audio guides and there is a very nice and interesting itinerary for children, as always happens in the exhibitions at Palazzo Strozzi!

The part which was really stunning and emotional is the one with the preparatory sketches for Guernica and the cycle of works inspired to the Minotaur legend, called Minotauromachy.


Also how the room, where masterpieces find their place, presents itself to the public as something unreal.

Different from the other rooms it is darker and every sketch is illuminated with a proper light.

The sketches and drawings are made with different techniques: lead, colored pencils, burin, etching, aquatint, gouache, dry point. Here it comes the greatness of Picasso as a drawer as well as a painter.

The deep impact of the images gives us a real understanding about upsetting Picasso felt for the Spanish civil war.

This room worth a visit to the entire exhibition.

Unfortunately it was not possible making pictures, but you can easily find images in internet about these masterpieces (

Now, it’s up to you. Have fun!!!  :)


Exhibition’s Brochure

*extract from the front page of Palazzo Strozzi
Images taken by the official brochure of the exhibition
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