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Artigianato e Palazzo at Giardino Corsini

From May 15th to May 18th there is another, not known, activity to do in Florence:

visiting the Artigianato e Palazzo Exhibition at Giardino Corsini.

Yesterday I decided to give a look. The first thing I noticed it is it’s not free: the cost is eu.8,00/eu.6,00 with reductions. I am against this kind of paying for visiting, especially when the exhibitors can sell their products such as in this case.

Anyway, in this case the 8,00 euros worth to be paid, even only to visit the location. Giardino Corsini is a stunning place ( …unfortunately the wiki page is available only in Italian language). It is a typical Giardino all’italiana: a kind of Boboli Garden in small. It is a pity it’s almost always closed(!), but in few occasions such as exhibitions. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Artigianato e Palazzo exhibition, this was the first time I visited. In the truth I didn’t find advertising around the town in touristic places, but I found lot of advertising in places where Florentines live. That’s how I knew about the event. I think it could be a very good occasion for tourists to keep in touch with real Italian craftsmen! note there are peculiar craft activities in all the different Italian regions. At the entrance of Artigianato e Palazzo exhibition you will find a kind of restaurant, and you can eat in nice areas in the garden. The food is nothing special, but the location is fantastic!

Then you can start the tour among painters, sculptors, tailors, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, etc., etc… see them working and buy their works. When you are tired, you can take a rest eating an ice-cream, drinking an Italian Espresso, or just relaxing for a while in the garden. Artigianato e Palazzo exhibition is not huge and it is very interesting for both adult and children.

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