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Who am I… Actually, since I’ve never enough about learning new things (!), I am studying Social Media Marketing and Web Communication at IULM University in Milan….just to have fun, creativity and just searching for new, exciting adventures! Previously I studied painting at the Fine Arts Academy and got two master degrees in music. Maybe you know the Art and the Music not always help people to survive, especially in these economically sad moments. By the way, of course they help human being to live a better life! …but we don’t live only with air, music and love…so.. in order to maintain myself and pay my expensive music study’s bill, I started working as secretary first and then as hotel receptionist and concierge support to the Guests, in three of the most luxury hotels in Florence: the J.K. Place, the Relais Santa Croce and Palazzo Vecchietti. Here started my stunning adventure as guests assistant and concierge service. After 10 years alternating this job to my career as musician, I felt my support and the knowledge of Florence could become public…why not! …and maybe helping me to develop a new and most interesting job.That’s why I started writing this blog.

This is not just my personal web analysis experiment (well…just a little bit… :) ) This blog was born with the aim to tell people I love meeting new cultures, I love traveling and most of all eating, but also cooking and walking along the river. To tell them which restaurant are the best and to give few suggestions about what to do in town.  Which museum need a reservation, which not…the main sites to visit, which shows the town of Florence will propose…etc. etc.

I feel I should open my love to Florence and  the opportunities the town offers, to as much as people I could. I hope this will help those tourists which come in town, completely abandoned to themselves and don’t have any idea on what to do in our cultural, shopping, eating and drinking amazing city. Or maybe those who need a tailor made tour and suggestions. Or just curious people who would like to know something more about me and the marvelous town of Florence. Each person has questions I enjoy to answer.




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  1. Ciao Francesca,
    dovevo solo contattarti per darti l’assenso ad usare i dati di Chiaroscuro caffè Firenze. Ci avei inviato una mail al riguardo ma non riuscivo a ritrovare la tua mail.
    A disposizione, Gabriele

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